Monday, 22 December 2008


I noticed on Saturday that the Victoria Crossroads ( a now much improved junction thanks to KCC) may have to be re-named. It would appear that The Queen Victoria is now an 'exciting new business opportunity in the Inn trade'. Some might recognise how boarded up shops were given a similar description in Margate earlier this year.

A regular reader tells me that the number of 'watering holes' in Broadstairs is due to decline with a strong rumour that The Olde Crowne, The Rose and most surprisingly of all ,The Charles Dickens, are all up for sale.

The combination of 'smoking-ban' and 'recession' would appear to be taking further toll. I wonder if 'Frank' will be interested in getting back The Charles Dickens, having had to give it up before?


DrMoores said...

Passing seven pubs last night at 7pm I counted six people between them all! Not a good sign!

Anonymous said...

Indeed not a good time for any in the "Pub Trade".

The Blazing Donkey in St Luke's Avenue had the metal shutters put up this week.

Franks message use them or lose them is very true however many are not family friendly in the evenings at all.

You take your very life in your hands walking in the King Street area at night.

Sad to say Mr average family guy will not venture out at night now.

I shook my head when visiting friends in the Whitehall estate area the other evening to view a sub prime teenager swigging ardently from a special brew and gave every passer by menacing looks with the hangers on ready to pile in if anyone challenged him.

The trouble is with cheap booze on offer and feral youngsters getting their hands on it, we and the Pub trade end up with a vicious cycle with the some of viler elements with drinking problems that make out lives a misery.

Sad end to 08 really.

Anonymous said...

The Blazer is/was a Sheps house. It was only a month ago that I realised another of theirs - the Rose In June in Margate - has had metal shutters up since April time.

The Blazer has, pardon the pun, been around for donkeys years but clearly not being used nearly enough. A great name, but a sad loss.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, the "Darting Empire" pub of Thanet at one time.

I guess it was another example of changing a pubs interior at great cost - and not very sustainable, whilst at the same time driving the customers away.

Change is not always for the good. The Blazing Donkey along with many other sterile pubs will go the same way, as they are not part of the community. The exception here in Ramsgate is the good old "Monty" now that's a pub.

Anonymous said...

And the 'Swan' in Westgate, a very nice place to be.