Tuesday, 30 December 2008

TOY TOWN - THE TESCO BAG CHRONICLES (Part 4 -The Extraordinary Affair of Ernest the Stout Policeman)

Larry the Lamb stretched his feet one by one as he gazed out of the window at the rising sun on the last day of July. " De--ennis," he said, " Your plan seems to be working! Minister Windy rang last night to say that he had tackled Mr Ma--ayor and The Bumbling Magician; then went onto discuss matters with that Cabin Boy of The Good Ship Venus and then urged me to get my letter to The Secretary of State to 'call-in' this application of Captain Brass so he could he then support it!" Baa--aa, life is good!"
Larry spoke too soon, but he didn't realise it yet.
The phone rang and Larry answered the call.
"Great news, Dennis! " said Larry, "Squaller The Seagull, Igneous The Inventor and Hamish The Highland Steer have gone off to tackle Mr Ma---ayor down at The Town Hall about various things from the Tesco Bags. Integrity does exist in Toy Town after all."
Later, The Mayor and The Bumbling Magician were deep in conversation in The Town Hall. What were they going to do? What was in The Tesco Bags and who the hell had them? Was it a blogger? How could they suppress the release of information? To put it simply, they were in a bit of a funk! They had rung Captain Brass and told him that his Bosun Bob had appeared to have lost some papers that were acutely embarrassing and why the hell did Bosun Bob not have a 'shredder'? Captain Brass was un-perturbed; as far as he was concerned he had nothing to hide, but cleary Mr Mayor and The Bumbling Magician were in a flap.
At Larry the Lamb's house the phone rang. It was Davina the Mare; " Larry, they are onto you! I have just had a call from The Stationmaster. He said that Mr Mayor had just rung him and that he could hear The Bumbling Magician in the back ground as he listened. The message was that 'Captain Brass has reported 2 bags of documents stolen. If you are approached by the press or anyone , just be aware. They think it is a blogger called Binkie Boggles".
The Mayor's cover-up and suppression plan had started, Larry realised. Mr Mayor quite clearly had been told something by one of four people who had been to see him and now knew Larry's blog persona.
Larry's mind went into over-drive. Captain Brass, wouldn't have any ideas about anything lost or stolen; the Tesco Bag was now 6 weeks old and was clearly rubbish thrown out when the Pirates re-furbished their cabin earlier in the year. The only people with anything to worry about, thought Larry, must be Mr Mayor and The Bumbling Magician. What would be their next move? He did not have to wait long to find out.
The phone rang. " Larry" said Squaller, " Ernest The Stout Policeman, is on his way to visit Hamish The Highland Steer and then is coming to me. Ernest is making enquiries about 'stolen documents' and is looking for a blogger called Binkie Boggles".
What on earth is going on?, thought Larry the Lamb. Captain Brass and his crew at Commerce General Property wouldn't know which Councillors had seen the Tesco Bag papers so it must be Toy Town Town Hall involved in this. Hang on, he thought. Hamish, The Highland Steer had not been involved at all and hadn't even seen a Tesco Bag, so why should Ernest the Stout Policeman be going to see him? This is very suspicious, he thought.
The phone rang again. " De--ennis," said Larry, " You will not believe this but Squaller has just told me that Ernest the Stout Policeman has just left him. Ernest knew that I was Binkie Boggles and was asking Squaller if he knew my address! Squaller, told Ernest, he didn't have a clue!"
"Larry", replied Dennis, " what nonsense is this? If Ernest the Stout Policeman doesn't know your address, a quick radio call to Toytown Hill would soon provide him with details! You cannot be serious? Well, if Ernest The Stout Policeman is working officially on an investigation, he will be here in the next 20 minutes. I would suggest that I disappear to a 'safe-house' with the Tesco Bag and leave you to talk to Ernest, the Stout Policeman when he arrives. Good luck!".
Larry the Lamb looked out of the window and waited for Ernest The Stout Policeman to arrive; and waited and waited............
(To be continued)

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Anonymous said...

I just think it was very mean of Ernest the Tout Policeman not to give the Treasurer of Toytown Police Authority a lift. Because the treasurer should have been visiting some of the same people to take a statement of evidence in a complaint case against Cllr Willie Haystack-Mouse and suggestions that he is not a squeakie clean little mouse.

In the background there is also Toytown Chief constable Mickey Mouse and a bit of CV embellishment with a view to gaining Commissionership of the Metropolis. If he can get his CV past Boris The Low to Ground Basset Hound Mayor of the City.

But Boris did have his ear to the ground as befits an underestimated Basset Hound ..... Well done Boris he is enjoying his good boy biscuits now.