Thursday, 4 December 2008


Item 7 on tonight's Cabinet Meeting includes consideration of the report By Democratic Services and Scrutiny on the petition "Say No to The Sale of Northdown House" signed by 1898 fellow citizens and presented to Council on 24 July. Having sought legal advice, TDC accepts usage or occupancy is subject to Covenant and it seems that this can be 'passed on' to a new occupier. (That's Bertie's reading of Paragraph 3.2.3 of Item 7 on The Agenda). Here it is in TDC gobbledygook and see if you can make sense of it.

"There are a (sic) community, charitable, social housing , social services, healthservice etc usage/occupancy of Northdown House. With the property (and therefore covenants) transferred to the new owner. Or, transfer of the Northdown House (with covenants) to the community itself."

Anyway, TDC will be moving carefully on this 'asset' issue and no report will be sent back to Cabinet in regard to Northdown House until there is public consensus on the best option. That will be music to the ears of 1898 petitioners.

Next week on WED 10th DECEMBER, you can go down to Northdown House between 3.00 and 7.00pm and talk to officers and make your viewpoint known. You can also ask them precisely what Paragraph 3.2.3 means, and let me know if the tree is still growing out of the chimney stack and how the 'gutter garden' is doing (see Picture above).


Megan said...

The buzz is now that TDC has a new owner lined up so the whole procedure of petition, campaigning, contacting the council would appear to have been a complete waste of time. Is it any wonder locals are in despair over the ruling group at TDC when the Leader and his crew treat people this way?

Anonymous said...

Wind up the Bridge club at your peril Sandy - they are your bedrock of supporters - classic tory electorate - you can't be "passionate" about your ward if you haven't listened to them? As for people not knowing what they signed for when they signed the petition - do you really rate your electorate's intellegence as being that low!?

Anonymous said...

If this was supposed to be a Public Consultation I'll eat my hat.
Three different people asked the same person (Assets manager) the same question , yes you have guessed the outcome, they were all told different answers, one was told they were hoping Thanet Leisure would take over, the next it was to be converted into flats, the last half anf half flats and renting out the other half to the community. Ezekiel sat or walked walked around trying to look intelligent, but it didn't work, most people were disappointed, but then what did they expect from our Council.