Thursday, 27 March 2008


I am still crocked up, as is the Sopwith. The Lord Flashheart is in France and I see that it is more than a week since I covered any aviation news. I had better rectify that.

A recent meeting of The Kent International Airport (that's Manston by the way) Consultative Committee (KIACC) had to be cancelled as Infratil's local New Zealander in charge, Matt Clarke couldn't make it. This has caused some upset as a planning application was to be discussed concerning a spilt fuel and silt interceptor to catch and sort out run-off from acres of concrete and runways at Manston. That application was on the agenda last night at TDC but I do not know if it was approved; I hope it was.

Norah's reliability as an intelligence analyst is now suspect as she did not warn me about YATESs closure but she had this to offer about the KIACC cancelled meeting. which has yet to be confirmed by any reliable source.

" Mr Biggles" she said " that nice young Matt Clarke wants to avoid a KIACC meeting, yer know." When I asked why, she replied " Yer know that that big A380 from Singapore Airlines that is now flying into Heathrow?" My reply was in the affirmative. " I bet they've got nowhere to do practise landings and bumps, 'av they. I bet they got onto Ifratills and will be buzzing round Fannit before you knows it and thats why yer man didn't want a meeting so he wouldn't 'ave to break that news to em".

"Norah, you have no sources to support that interpretation, no 'leaked' e-mails and no illicit telephone taps" I replied, " I expect better than just your reading of the tea-leaves and a feeling in your water. Unless you can get some reliable sources, you may as well get back on the tea-trolley".

As she shuffled off behind the trolley, with stockings still at 'half-mast', I got wondering. Where will an A380 crew get their landings and take-offs done? I have sourced a picture below from the outskirts of Mumbai to give a feel of what an A380 over Ramsgate might look like close-up. Locals would experience a solar eclipse every 9 minutes.


Anonymous said...

If it comes, it will ahve to do circuits and bumps as TDC will charge it for parking if it should stop!

There are no shops at the airport, so just like Margate, they will be charged for the privalege of visiting nothing!

Unless of course there is a secret supply of Turner's up on the airfield somewhere....

Ken Gregory said...

yes it was approved, despite some interesting comments from a member of the public, and a fellow blogger who is also a councillor

Bertie Biggles said...

Thanks for that good news, Councillor Gregory. Do you mean ex-blogger or up and running blogger?

steve said...

bertie, our spine-less elected representitives refuse to say anything to that non-polluting, noiseless employer of thousands, KIA.

Mr Clarke's masterplan will get the locals mobilised when its planned. I just hope the council sides with the majority when real decisions have to be made. And real decisions are made only after real public consultations.

steve said...

should read "Mr Clarke's masterplan will get the locals mobilised when its published"

bertie biggles said...

Steve, I must beg to disagree with you about Manston. We might yet see it become a serious asset to Thanet and an employer of hundreds! The reality is that it is there and has been for years and aircraft taking and bringing back passengers can be a reality. Go and ask some Heathrow passengers in Terminal 5 if a coach from Manston would have been an easier option than sitting in £5 billions worth of modern but ineffective terminal for 48 hrs.