Saturday, 22 March 2008


The north side of the Isle was a rough place to be early this afternoon. The strong northerly winds of upto 50mph were lifting heavy seas over Margate's Harbour arm and dropping tonnes of water onto Pineapple Properties new boutiques and coffee shops.

Now you see them.
Now you dont.
I wonder if prospective businesses have appreciated what the weather and sea can do when in this quarter? (Norah forgot to set zoom on the pictures but you can enlarge them by clicking on them!)


Michael Child said...

I notice the TDC have decided to fund major repair works to Margate harbour arm and have to admit to wondering if repairing it before pineappleing it wouldn’t have been a more sensible course of action. I do hope the pineapple people don’t stay out there in this sort of weather, it is you know, jolly dangerous Bertie.

bertie biggles said...

Couldn't agree more Michael. I wouldn't let Norah go down to the promenade to get closer shots; tea-ladies/part-time intelligence analysts are hard to get these days.