Saturday, 1 March 2008


I was lying in my hospital bed, bruised and battered after yesterday's mishap over Maidstone Gaol, when I read an alarming snippet in the good old DT - "10 deaths per day in hospital due to C. difficile". That was it for me. What with MRSA as well, it dawned on me that yours truly was at greater risk of premature demise where I was, than dealing with tricky cross-winds whilst playing at Cupid. In a trice I was up and away!
What with Clostridium wotsit and a resistant staphylococcus bug, one wonders if our NHS managers by the score, have ever heard of Lister, Carbolic soap and washing hands all the time to avoid cross infection. Its comforting I suppose, that after 10 years of mis-management of the NHS that 'our leaders' have now started a campaign to get doctors and nurses to wash their hands a bit more and that even we 'proles' are now being urged to wash our hands. So its taken us 130 years to rediscover that Sir Edward Lister, Florence Nightingale and other Victorians had the right idea of infection control all along!

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