Friday, 28 March 2008


Margaret Thatcher saved us tax-payers a fortune in her first term in office by just scrapping the rash of Labour inspired ' Quango's' (quasi -autonomous non-governmental organisations?) that were the legacy of just a short term of Labour Government. I wonder what Cameron and the Tories have to say about the 'army' of quangos created after 10 years of New Labour and costing us a fortune and have they any plans to axe them? Why am I talking about quangos?

Our local chippy is now public enemy No 1 for trying to lure school children in to eat , according to the government funded quango, School Food Trust. Instead of just getting on with the business of improving school food in our schools, this quango now wants all schools to ban children leaving the school site at lunchtime just in case they stuff themselves silly on non PC food whilst out of the miserable PC environment that now permeates our schools.

Not content with sending this advice to all Headteachers, who are of course entitled to ignore it, The School Food Trust has also come up with the idea of banning licencing of certain foodshops in the proximity of schools. If ever there was a case of paying people tax-payers money to do an unnecessary job and they then meddling and interfering to justify their existence, The School Food Trust is a good example. It needs to be got rid off!

We seem to have lost our way with children in schools. What is happening seems almost akin to brain-washing. Cage them to force them to eat what The School Food Trust tells them to?

I hear that a local infant school now gets the 'lunch-time ' supervisors to 'organise' games at lunchtimes so that bored kids are regimented and doing physical activity that is structured! Why can't we just let them run around and shout and let off steam in break-times or just do nothing if they want to? I remember news-reels of 'happy' organised chinese children at school in Mao's China and thought how depressing. How soon before we form the 'Young PC League' in our schools?

For the 'non-PC' I show a picture of a local newsagents with 'penny' sweets galore that used to be a treat to visit and still is (I still get those pink shrimps). As it is close to Clifftonville Primary School, I wonder if it will be placed 'off limits' after school?

What do you think of our 'nanny state'?


Michael Child said...

Do you ever get the feeling that government doesn’t like traditional English town centres?

bertie biggles said...

Central and local!

Anonymous said...

Perhaphs if they had a decent meal inside them instead of the chemical cocktails in fizzy drinks and crisps also why should they go out at lunchtime,they should be at school!...

Anonymous said...

Are you required to stay at work for YOUR lunch break, 14.53?

Anonymous said...

I am lucky to get a lunch break!But when I was at school we were not allowed out but had a hot lunch.