Sunday, 16 March 2008


How nice to be able to report good news about one of our Westgate Secondary schools, instead of financial doom and gloom.
Ursuline under 19s popped along to Margate Football Club at Hartsdown to play Darrick Wood School at Orpington in the final of The Kent Schools FA Cup on Friday evening and won the match 1:0 with young talent, Chris Lewis scoring the only goal of the match.
Norah, who went along to help out with her tea trolley, said " Mr Biggles, it was so nice to see so many youngsters cheering their 'eds off. I suppose they oughta 'ave won, being a Speshillist Sports place and with that 'ansome Neville Southall from Everton and Wales giving them a hand." "Perhaps, Norah", I replied, "but it's still good news for Thanet and will cheer up the Governors as they wait for KCC to hand back financial control to them".

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