Tuesday, 11 March 2008


What is it with Thanet bloggers and long range Thanet bloggers?
They are all going 'invitation only'!
My analysts have just woken me up to tell me that there is no more tapping going on in the existentialist region unless you join the 'club' and are invited in. They have been monitoring this as a source closely for some time now. I will now go back to bed, tapping my NHS walking stick on the floor like some 'Blind Pugh' delivering the 'black spot' and had better ask Norah what her take is on this surprising development, when she comes in , later this morning.
She still hasn't got the idea that stockings around her ankles isn't the done thing for intelligence analysts! I had better have words again.


Anonymous said...

A Zen thing Bertie.

In a member's club the one member thinks he is sole member, and his mirror confirms this to him, but the other member, who takes all the decisions, knows better.

Think well on your dealings with that club.


sue said...

As Groucho said
"I don't care to join any club that would have me as a member"

Bertie Biggles said...

How nice to have a visit from you, Simon, but of course you have been visiting for some time.

I am still wondering about this mirror business and members staring at themselves? A little like the chap who keeps talking to himself which is fine, until it develops into a two-way conversation. The question then, is whom is who or who is whom?

I have thought well on my dealings with 'that' club and I regret to say I will be not be applying for membership, I could end up 'black -balling' myself which just wouldn't do.

For goodness sake, man, get Thanetlife back up and running; too much Zen is not good for one.

Best wishes,

Kathy said...

sort of makes a mockery of the reason for blogging doesn't it? And now some have gone members only have you noticed how the quality of their blogs has nose dived? Where are the local interest tales/ news/ even rows? Membership could well equal a dose of sleeping salts at the moment.

Anonymous said...

A mirror is a negative space
With a frame and a place for your face
It reveals what the rest of us see
It conceals what you'd like it to be

Bertie Biggles said...

An interesting view of mirrors,
23.36, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Watch it Bertie, bally Red Baron seems to be up and about!

You really don't want to mess with those fokkers!

Bertie Biggles said...

Grounded at the moment sadly, 23.56 but considering bunker construction; it seems the vogue at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Kathy - as a local journalist you can hardly talk about the quality of blogs. Let us not forget the woeful contribution to this situation made by the Gazette, which printed a certain blogger's accusations without going to the inconvenience of checking any of the story. Local journalism at its direst. And you people get paid for it, bloggers don't.

We all remember your front page puff for Sandy Ezekiel just before last year's elections, complete with cheesy photo of the man himself handing over the keys of West Cliff Hall to the Global Generation Church. A year has passed, and I don't see the place 'thriving', do you?

What's the matter, all your sources dried up now the blogs have gone? Dear, dear.

Bertie Biggles said...

Kathy, I am sure you are right. I have made no attempt to join OVIT, ECR and now ZZen and quite frankly they can discuss things behind shrapnel proof shutters for as long as they like. I hope they will all see in the near future that 'normal' service is a livlier and more open process despite the occasional spats and 'demons of the night'.