Sunday, 30 March 2008


Regular readers, if there are any, will know that The Lord Flashheart (currently in the Charente-Maritime , France) came up with a brilliant idea a few weeks ago to raise some funds and put my Sopwith back in the air; a Grafitti Crime Conference.

I sent Norah, ex intelligence analyst and now tea-lady again, out shopping to Tesco to find some Earl Grey and she came back with the above picture on her 'Brownie'.

Its paint and its on the pavement and certainly fulfills the description of unnecessary visual pollution. Do we really need to be 'told' where exactly to stand to use cash machines?

"It's a new category of 'G' " said Flashheart, when I relayed this find to him, " Corporate Grafitti, seems an apt description, Biggles old chap, Corporate Grafitti!"
I am now preparing an invite to Tesco to send their G-experts to our G Conference at The Winter Gardens, to present a paper on Corporate Grafitti at £975 per head!

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