Monday, 24 March 2008


Could I apologise, to any readers drifting in for a visit, about the new lay-out.

We 'aviators' aren't very technical with e-matters but I am trying to do my best until other Thanet Blogs get back into business.

I just thought that a clearer background and a stormy picture would brighten up the site and make it easier on the eye. If you are not happy, please say so. I don't have stats counters and all that sort of nonsense and haven't got a clue who visits, as quite frankly its none of my business, so leave as many 'breadcrumbs' around as you like. I do however retain the right (now that I have discovered how to do it) to send any rude, offensive or libellous comments into the 'www ether' but will of course apologise for such drastic steps if I have to take them.


sue said...

Mmm. I like it. Stormy seas in more ways than one. Very appropriate.

Bertie Biggles said...

Glad, you approve Sue. Hours spent clicking around Blogger was worth it then.

Anonymous said...

"Biggles Changes His Lay Out"! Just does not sound like a bestseller to me!

Bertie biggles said...

Playing with it perhaps?