Sunday, 9 March 2008


Our satellite fly-past this morning revealed all is quiet on the Wikepedia Front with an un-easy cessation of hostilities in place. Reuters reports that GOC Moores Pine has emerged from his bunker to engage in dialogue with ECR and OVIT through Thanet's blog paper The Gazunder.

My analysts are working over time to prepare a brief on the significance of this latest development. One theory is that GOC Moores Pine troops have received some serious set-backs and that this could be the overture to the resumption of normal blog activities. One of my more pessimistic chaps, however, thinks that GOC Moores Pine is just buying some time while he marshalls some reserves to initiate a new offensive with dark hints of support from Westminster.

Norah, who brings round the tea-trolly in our Int Cell, made a perceptive comment whilst my analysts were arguing about interpretation of events. " This is so much like that McArtney Divorce, yer know. That Heather, used the media for as much publicity as she could get when it suited her, just like this Moores Pine geezer used blogging, and when the media turned on her in a not so nice way, there she was , 'bleating' away on the GMTV couch to that nice girl Fiona about how nasty the press were! Yer, carn't av it both ways, I sez. A biccie, ducks?"

I have now promoted Norah to the Analytical Team on condition she keeps her stockings rolled up and removes her curlers when at work.


Rick said...

Funny there was a Norah used to be a WRAC driver.

Chatty as a cabbie running the intel guys about.

Kim Philby in the back one day.

Norah says " I reckon you to for a tricky bastard Kim, but I had Anton Turkul in the back the other day. Had me in stitches. But that is one clever sod Kim be careful of him. He'll exploit the slightest defect in you son"

Rick said...

Noting that the thread is running without many comments Bertie

Here is a copy of an email re the Blog War, re Gazunder, to the Clerk to the Police Authority.

I hope you enjoy reading it before you despatch it as blog admin into the www ether ..... I have of course not put the offending thread on to your site for additional publication

Dear Mr Gilmartin

It is unlike me, as you know, to draw a matter of pedantry to your attention given your more serious duties (such as studying my report to Home Secretary making an application for compulsion of inquiry under the Civil Contingencies Act)

Whilst you have obviously been scrupulous to study in the detail these months I have been active on what are called "Blog Sites". And, as a result, I now have more information. I have sent private emails to two blog site owners Simon Moores and an Eastcliff Richard indicating what this information is.

What is developing in Thanet, essentially independent of my concern but nonetheless quite amusing, is what they call a "Blog War"

Here is an example of a recent thread:

Post a Comment On: The Isle of Thanet Gazunder
"'Blog War' Spreads To Online Encyclopedia"
7 Comments - Show Original Post
Collapse comments

I would draw your attention to "Anon of 12.10 AM"

Who claims to be a member of your thin blue line. It obviously comes as no surprise to us that one of your purported officers would pay such scant respect or compliance with his sworn position as an independent ministerial officer of the Crown (I think you know this was an issue I brought to a "Pc Copperfield's" attention ... an anonymous and increasing influential police blogger who has now left English Police and joined the Police in Canada. Perhaps he renewed his oath in Canada ?)

We should not be surprised to note what appears to be a junior officer erring. His role models would have been such as the Thanet Supt who got a Common Law Information of Misprision of Treason against her. and a Judicial scalding for writing to a judge critical of his sentencing in a specific case. Let's be clear that should read EX Supt ?

I would commend to you my own blog as an example of my own humble efforts towards my Commendation for Lifelong Honour of the Constable Oath.

Inevitably this purported police officer, skulking in anonymity but enjoying trying to exercise influence without consequence, calls to my mind the criminal convictions of Pcs Hills and Burgess. Hills in evidence said he had been scared to tell the truth for fear he would "Have all Thanet Police against me". He alludes surely to his feeling that he is a member of an organisation of institutionalized liars.

However, admitting to pedantry, I wonder if you could spare time from your Home Secretary report study, and consider if you will Magna Carta, Common Law USA and UK and USA 6th Amendment. Moores it seems felt recently that he had been targetted, for his politics as an elected councillor, with a campaign of defamation although the details are scanty I feel. Google sites appear to come under USA law and his attempt to identify anon bloggers failed against his complaint of civil wrong.

However it is a CRIMINAL offence to impersonate a police officer. And someone describing himself implicitly as a constable has committed to such an accusation by implication against Moores publicly on this thread.

I would think that would give Dr Moores rights to identify the anonymous bloggers.

I don't think he will pursue it as the whole "War" is lightweight and trivial. For example on the one side Eastcliff Richard thinks a red hot issue is the use of the word "Gippo" in a contribution on Simon Moores blog site.

If nothing else I hope that, by drawing your attention to the Thanet Blog war, I have lightened part of your day and enabled you to return with refreshed detrmination to a serious matter. That of sabotage and unreliability of backup generators and the technical explanation report to Home Secretary.

I was chatting to a London cabbie the other day

"Thanet" he said, "Full of wankers"

Then after a moment's thought he added "Especially the police"

And I think after you read the contribution from the anonymous police poratt above you will concede that the cabbie has a point.

Best wishes Rick

Bertie Biggles said...

Having just read it elsewhere, Rick, I am happy to leave it here. Such is the nature of 'the thin blue vein' that the officer you describe could be serving anywhere! I am quite happy for 'no comments' as that is not really the point of this blog. I would just like to see normal service resumed elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

Who described themselves as what where?

I'm confused Rambling Rick!

Unless of course you'r refering to Dr Moore's referal to himself as an Honourary (?) Detective Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police?!

Rick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bertie Biggles said...

I see you have been self-deleting again, Rick. Thanks.