Tuesday, 4 March 2008


The Thanet Times today, tells us that TDC employees have been busy catching seriously anti-social members of our community who dropped their cigarette ends in Cecil St and Northdown Road. I wouldn't mind too much, as when all is said and done, it is still 'Litter'. However, my eyeballs are offended less by cigarette butts on the pavement that can be swept up or disintegrate in a few days, than kilometres of hideously visually polluting security fencing now being installed at the behest of TDC officers! We will have to have these polluting fences in our gaze for many years to come.

That scourge of all Thanet smokers, Cllr Jo Gideon is also quoted as saying that not displaying a sign like this is bad for your pocket. I don't often feel sympathy for Thanet's Frank T but when the Queens Head gets a £200 fine for not displaying one of these signs I share his thoughts regarding it being 'over-zealous and over the top'! Some customer obviously peeled off the sign the night before and it is probably now adorning a bedroom door.

There cannot be a smoker left in the UK who still thinks its OK to smoke in a club, pub, shop or business premises 6 months after the ban was introduced. We no longer need these signs; they have done their job and are now redundant and unsightly visual pollution.

Doesn't Cllr Gideon not think that a Friday morning 'raid' by Council Officers (plural) and POLICE OFFICERS is a waste of TDC effort and a disgraceful waste of Police resources when we have had TWO murders on our 'patch' and enough 'real' cime to worry about? So the Police have time to go round sniffing out missing no smoking signs but do not routinely investigate burglary. This situation would seem risible if it wasn't such a sad commentary of our 'Leaders' ' priorities.


Rick said...

Bertie Biggles the humint is letting you down.

Fagends, DNA, planting evidence of identification at crime scenes.

Listen to George Galloway's warnings.

If you have nothing to hide you have everything to fear.

Two murders and investigations getting nowhere ? Watch for the sudden DNA evidence and some Thanet fag end tosser ends up lifed off.

No smoke without fire.

Bertie Biggles said...

The message seems to be,'hang on to your DNA, don't toss a stub!'

Mrs T P said...

I agree with you that we have a problem of visual polution with ugly sign posts everywhere cluttering the view.
The no smoking signs are totally unnecessary - now.
And the law requiring them was always OTT.
I believe they have to be displayed in every work place.
So when I take our son to primary school there is no a no-smoking sign - totally unnecessary - as there never was any smoking on the premises.
As our employee's vans are part of their work place, not only can they not smoke in them (which I think is a good thing) - is it reallly necessary to display a sign in there - in case they forget?

Bertie Biggles said...

Your son's school would have a serious problem if primary school children were smoking in the loos! It is all OTT isn't!

Anonymous said...

It is about time TDC got their act in order, I am all for fineing people who offend others by disgarding their objects and leaving them for others to stand in or smell from yards away plus of course all their refuse they continually leave laying around, waiting for others to pick up. Fine the whole lot of them £500 for each offence for not clearing up dogs mess, take-a-way cartons drinks cans bottles crisp and choc wrappers and of course the fag ends, this is a daily occurance for most school children on their way to and from school, they think others front gardens are a refuse dumping ground for their filth. Hit them where it hurts, their pockets, stop pussy footing about and make the fine really sting perhaps then they will have some respect for their surroundings and for others, we can only hope.
Perhaps TDC could also clean up all their properties for which they are landlords, some are absolutely disgusting.
There are properties in Northdown Road Cliftonville where some tenants haven't had refuse removed for over 5 months, they are told either they have left it at the front of the building and it has to be the back ot visa versa, it is disgraceful that TDC treat people like this

Bertie Biggles said...

Well 16.49, thanks for commenting here! Had to come and look for your comment! Happy Christmas