Friday, 7 March 2008


Early morning photo-reconnaissance reveals Moores Pine hit badly by General, The Lord Matt's aerial strike force and looking pretty messy. The elite 'Encees' Squadron has been desperate to gain a 'unit citation' for a number of years now and hence its nickname the 'Encees' ('need a citation'). Rumour has it that they even paint 'Citation needed' on their 500lb bombs following the tradition of many air-forces in the past who send messages to the enemy written on their 'ordnance'.

Careful stereoscopic examination of the aerial photographs has revealed that 13 direct hits on the main bunker at Moores Pine were achieved and that indeed the 'Encees' may, get at long last, their needed citation.

So D+26 of Thanet Blog War sees no cessation of strife despite all being quiet in Thanet's No Mans Land with ECR and OVIT firmly ensconsed in their bunkers with tight security in place.

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