Saturday, 1 March 2008

Matthew Nathan Drudge and Prince Harry

If Simon Moores thinks he has had a problem with some single voiced Thanetonians and idle millionaires or bored 'dole scroungers', then he should count himself lucky that this guy didn't join in The Thanet Blog War.

He is aged 41 , and unlike other bloggers, had a modest and quite straightforward education: 341st out of 355 was his place when he passed out from Northwood High School, Takoma Park, Maryland USA. No doctorates for this guy!

Having been given a Packard-Bell computer by his pa in 1994, he began production of an e-mail newsletter that soon had thousands of subscribers and he has made a good living as a result. Some consider him a 'salacious rumour monger' (sound familiar?) but with press and media reporters feeding him items together with 'little-men' hunched over their keyboards, he exposed a US President mis-using a cigar and a president hopeful, Obama, in costume in far away places.

The fact that Prince Harry has had to get out of Afghanistan is due to this guy posting a 'snippet' on the internet. As a descendent of rebels and anti-British terrorists in our former Colony, we would not expect him to think about the wishes of Buck House and the 'Limey' MoD in regard to the matter!

Some are posing the question about this reclusive 'blogger' as being the 'world's most powerful journalist'? It is time for OVIT and ECR to come out of their bunkers and prove that Thanet has its own Drudges!


Anonymous said...

Nah. It wouldn't go down well round here. Too many pompous twats with their heads up their own arses.

Rick said...

Yes, I think maybe I can see your point. Are you, perchance, benefitting us from your own experience anon 14.18 ?

I mean of actually trying to "Go down well round here ...." on a "pompous twat with their head up their arse" ?

That would put a new twist on bowing to your experience ?

Rick said...

I understand, Thanet Strife, that the subject of Masonic conspiracy is left to Tony on Thanet blogs.

But I assume you know that George Washington, Freemason, was very difficult to lose to ?

But we managed it (making the man responsible the only non Masonic General in the campaign ?)

"Oak Island Mystery" would make a good read ?

Rick said...

I mentioned the above because you imply, I think, that the drudgy yank blogger has actually done the Royals a bit of a favour ?

Funny to think the last English monarch in England was 870AD ?

Bertie Biggles said...

Rick, I am sure that Charles and CGS were quite happy to see the young Prince safely back at Brize Norton yesterday!
On the subject of Masons, I was taught to be cautious.