Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Still on the sofa with an irritating sore on the left thigh and plaster with infuriating itching inside it. The sore has not responded to Norah's mustard concoction and the Sopwith is still in sick-bay as well.
Singapore Airlines is flying one of its 3 new Boeing Airbus A 380s towards Heathrow from Changi Airport on its first commercial flight into Europe. 470 champagne guzzling passengers will disgorge into Terminal 3 shortly. Its a very very big plane and makes Thanet's Monarch and Oasis 'circuits and bumps' team look small fry.

I do not know how many landings and take-offs the pilots of the A-380 have to do each month but if it is more than they can get in on normal commercial operations, I wonder where they will go for training circuits?

I had better warn off The Lord Flashheart to keep out of the way if he sees one of them when he nexts comes into Manston. The '20 minuters' have a habit of ignoring the rules and it wouldn't surprise me if he tried to land his Gipsy on an A-380s wing.


Anonymous said...

My my Bertie, that really is a big one!

Bet even Flasheart is jealous..

Bertie biggles said...

Its not the size that matters 22.50 but how you fly it, as the Lord Flashheart might say.