Friday, 28 March 2008



According to Clare Gillies, the OFSTED inspector who visited Chatham House earlier this month, we now have a third 'OUTSTANDING' secondary school in Thanet joining the ranks of Dane Court and King Ethelberts. This is excellent news considering that about 30% of its intake is below the standards, particularly in English, normally expected of a grammar school ability range. The whole school can take credit in 'outstanding' categories almost over the board and Clare Gillies only picked up on a bit more spiritual development needed, more contribution to the community and behaviour of some learners (in Year 11). These aspects were nevertheless GOOD but not outstanding!
To read the whole report yourself just tap into Google 'Ofsted Reports' and take it from there. ( Far to technical for me to stick a link in!)
This section of the Inspector's letter to pupils says much:
"In the questionnaires, your parents used many complimentary adjectives about all aspects of the school. They, and you, are right to use the word 'outstanding' to describe the care and guidance you receive, the curriculum you have and your personal development and well-being. You seem to enjoy school life very much, particularly the extra-curricular activities and the house system."

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Anonymous said...

If you read more closely, the spiritual element did get outstanding - it was the bits in the category with it that brought it down to "good". - in particular communit links and recycling - little things that can be sorted easily for the next ofsted!