Monday, 3 March 2008


Lord Flashheart took me for a 2o minuter's spin over the Isle today in his Gipsy Moth to take my mind off the plaster cast and bruises. "It's all very well, old boy, playing Cupid over Maidstone Gaol " he shouted, " but that Da Vinci contraption just isn't a crumpet puller. Leave that sort of thing to Ace -Ads. Now my antics in the Gypsy have the gals really excited and dropping their camico!". With that he swooped down very low over Blean Woods just skimming the winter canopy and I'm still picking twigs out of my hair and the green feathers of those blasted parakeets that seem to be everywhere these days. "Grab some supper" he said as two or three of them bounced off the struts. Glad to be back on sofa safely with foot up!

BBC South East confirmed the rumour that the murder at Lydden was an 'ambush' and 'The Gazunder Blogspot' has run an item about poor old Jeremy Jacobs upsetting a well known cat impersonator and having to make an apology on his blog. It's a pity that such civilised conduct seems unattainable in our own Thanet Blog War.

Taxi-drivers ( I am unable to sit astride my old Triumph at the moment,as I am sure you can appreciate) are a source of splendid gossip, here in Thanet. The latest snippet relayed is that the Ofsted people have been a little harsh on good old St.Georges over in Broadstairs. I will have to look at the Ofsted site to see what they had to say. On the subject of schools in Thanet, I was glad to see that KCC have stepped in to sort out the financial deficit problems at Ursuline in Westgate but our local Cllr Chris Wells sounds a little serious when he says "We will find out how it is to be repaid and who, if anybody, may be held responsible for the situation".

I may have a bit of a problem with concussion as a result of my prang last week, but I am sure that I read about financial problems at Ursuline on the 'suspended' Thanetlife blog last November or December before 'Thom the Morris 'was on to it. Perhaps we had our 'Drudge' in Thanet all along and we and the good Doc Moores never realised it?

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