Thursday, 20 March 2008


The Lord Flashheart has e-mailed this fence view from Saintes in the Charente-maritime. The message attached was :'What ho, Bertie! The mademoiselles may not be from Armentieres but we officers still get the pie and cake! The 'Parley -voos' have done a TDC down here! Hells bells, the girls can't entertain in the park at night anymore', woof woof! '.

It's strangely re-assuring to find out that TDC is not alone in turning attractive townscapes into ugly eye-sores. I am surprised that TDC didn't go in for the security fencing shown below if the carrots and veggies in Thanet are so valuable.

Research and preparation for Thanet's G -Conference continues and together with examples of 'arty-farty G', 'witty G' and 'porno G' we have been sent this item of 'protest G' from Bedfordshire Council whose G crime Officer has agreed to attend.

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Anonymous said...

it's not the "carrots and veggies" that are valuable it is peoples right to grow them