Saturday, 15 March 2008


I hobbled into my local watering hole tonight with my NHS walking stick to be met with "Bertie, old boy, let me buy you a drink," The plaster caste and the memory of the disastrous attempt to deliver a proposal of marriage at Maidstone Gaol was soon forgotten when I realised that Thanet Strife had featured in our local IOTG!

What can one say but a thank you to those wonderful scribblers at Union Row, Margate for their item in Friday's Gazette. As a result of the dearth in Thanet blog site activity in recent times, it is nice to have one's 'stand-in' efforts acknowledged in our local press.

All I can say, is a thank-you to readers who have drifted in, and that I hope you will be back. We don't bother to count hits on this site, basically because we lack the E-ability to instal a counter, and quite frankly so what? Norah's advice, "Mr Biggles, you must keep up this blogging business for a little while longer now." will need some consideration but after what my doctors consider to be an excess of alcohol units in one session, its time for the crawl up the stairs to bed. Good-night!


sue said...

Yes well done. It's a very relaxed atmos here. keep it up.

Michael Child said...

I too am enjoying your quality of writing and wide range of subjects covered, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanetlife is Dead.
Long live Thanet strife!

Well done Bertie.

Rick said...


Did you read my bit on the Werner Bartells crash at Kingsgate ?

Being a bit of a local historian.

Bartells was an old boy of Margate College.

He appears to have had an uncanny ability to be in two places at once.

Allegedly ambulanced straight from the crash scene he appears to have also been at the site of another Messerschmidt that came down at Poets Corner area Margate. And at the side of his own aircraft pointing out various bits to an RAF officer.

Apparently a Thanet Fireman nicked Bartells pistol and got disciplined for that.

But also when research was done for the Harvey Keitel film about von Werra there was an interview with Werner Bartells about a conversation with von Werra just before the latter escaped in Canada.

He was registered as still in hospital in London.

He was repatriated later in the war classified as unfit. But on return to Germany took his work back up designing and researching jet engines. Top man.

But was he one of ours ? I think asking about him might get a person bounced out of the Public Records Office.

Thanet's own Rudolph Hess .....

Anonymous said...

I see you have a Rick!

Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Bertie, good on you! We need a Thanet site that is honest and untainted by political spin!

Keep up the good work!

Bertie Biggles said...

Thanks for the supportive comments! No self respecting Thanet blog should be without Rick or the insomniac 'annoying 1.08'!