Monday, 10 March 2008


That heading has nothing to do with the weather, but all to do with the Lord Flashheart going on his way again. " Bertie" he said," until this G-Conference brings some readies in, being broke in Thanet is tedious, so I am off after lunch." My reply was that had to be joking but he assured me the weather would settle for a bit and that he would get on his way. Well, I have seen some take-offs but today, watching his Gipsy Moth careering down the run-way with a 50 knot wind shearing in at 90 degrees to the strip was something else! Port side caught a gust and an amazing wobble almost had starboard side scraping initials in the tarmac. Marvellous chaps, the '20 minuters', cool, trained and as tough as nails.

Back on the sofa now with plastered leg back up and time to catch up on the papers. You will not believe this but Simon Moores has set off a trend in 'blogger hunting' that makes Thanet Blog War seem small stuff.


The DT had a snippet that I must share with you:
"The hunt was closing in yesterday on a blogger in the Civil Service who used the internet to lampoon her employers and Cabinet Ministers. Known as 'Civil Serf', the 33 year old woman has upset Whitehall mandarins and the Government, describing the Civil Service as over manned, pointless and doomed, a world riddled with bureaucracy and incompetence.
In her latest 'leak' she claims Alistair Darling is desperate to win a ' cheap headline ' with this week's budget. HER INTERNET SITE HAS BEEN CLOSED DOWN and a mole hunt launched for the author."

What can one say! Perhaps telling the truth is not enough to prevent free speech being supressed in England today. GOC, Moores Pine has clearly been in good company in Westminster as he attempts to 'fix' other blogs in Thanet because he doesn't like what is being written. However, General The Lord Matt, ECR and OVIT can take comfort from the fact that potential Westminster re-inforcement for Moores Pine is unlikely as they seem otherwise engaged in tracking down a 'Serf' on their own 'Front'.


There was I, thinking that the Wikipedia Front and hostilities there, was only of interest to Thanet Blog War followers when I read Michael Henderson's column about Wikipedia in Saturday's DT. He headed it with ' WHAT A MINE OF UNRELIABLE INFORMATION'
How true I thought but his point was about his own biography , put up by someone else, that was full of nonsense! He has been engaged in a Wikipedia Campaign with his own 'General, The Lord Matt'! Michael Henderson has a very enlightened approach however that GOC Moores Pine could learn from. He describes that amongst the sane will be 'legions of the angry'and creatures of the night' (1.08 please note) ' who will not turn off their lamps until they have been roused to a fury that can only be assuaged by anonymous denunciation'. (Great stuff, I thought!)
He suggests that we 'famous' chaps will in the years to come 'be observed by these snoopers of the blogosphere' and that the best policy is to humour them by being equally outrageous in your claims on Wikipedia. Some of us are already doing that I thought.


I attach for the interest of Sue, fellow bean growers, Tree Huggers and assorted TDC Councillors the picture below.

As part of my on-going research for Thanet's first 'G-Conference' I found this photo of Lea Hall Station. The observant will quickly identify a certain style of fencing that has been treated with what we G experts call 'Arty Farty G'.
So there we have it! TC runs an Artistic Grafitti competition to let our 'feral yuff '(with spray cans and not lager cans) unleash their inner artistic nature loose on TDC's repulsive galvanised fencing and before you know it, we will have no need for an expensive Chipperfield Gun Battery at Margate, because there will be numerous Contemporary Art sites to visit at allotments all over The Isle. Thanet will get its 130,000 extra visitors for next to nothing and every-one's a winner. Marvellous thing this G-business!


sue said...

Excellent idea! Count me in. I have my can at the ready....and my vocabulary.
Oh no. I don't need that.

Bertie Biggles said...

Good to see you on board with this wheeze, Sue. My only concern about not needing the TC as a result of Allotment Contemporary Art, is that Victoria Pomeroy, poor thing, would then never get to be a director of a real gallery.