Thursday, 6 March 2008


I wish this picture had been of King Ethelbert's new Sports Hall but Thanetstrife was not invited to the grand-opening this afternoon! My sources report it is actually better! What good news for Westgate and with luck , we will see at last, community use of at least one of the two spanking new and splendid sports facilities here in Westgate. King Ethelbert's celebrated the opening with reps from KCC and Civic leaders but most importantly , youngsters giving displays. Intelligence officers report (unconfirmed as yet) that GOC, Moores Pine was in London and missed this important event going on in his TDC ward.
We await we interest the eventual community use at Ursuline but their sports hall was funded differently and may have caused a shortfall on the cash side. KCC audit and accountant types must do their bit first before any 'groats' can be found for a turn-off from The Canterbury Road; no such problems at Ethelberts fortunately. So Youth leaders and sports clubs, get on down to Thanet's only 'outstanding' High School and use their outstanding sports facilities.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to them! They are an excellent school with good natured pupils. It is a pity that the high and mighty lot next door don't take a leaf out of their book and start teaching things like manners and citizenship.

Perhaps then the Ursuline School might have a better reputation in the local community!

Bertie Biggles said...

I suspect we have an Ursuline 'basher' here though I must say, the behaviour of some of its pupils in Westgate has surprised me. We should be careful not to label a school adversely as a result of a few acts of loutish behaviour by a minority, even if that minority has grown over the past few years.
That said, I do find Ethelbert's pupils a real credit to their school which possibly explains their 'outstanding' rating by Ofsted.